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Calming Blueberry Dream Terpene Rich Lip Balm

Prep Time: 45 minutes

Yields 48 .15oz chapstick tubes


•3 ounces cocoa butter

•2 ½ ounces virgin cold pressed coconut oil

•1-ounce cold pressed olive oil

•½ ounce jojoba oil

•2 ounces Bee’s Wax

•1 mL (1 gram) each:

•Calm Terpology Blend

•Blueberry Down

•Flavor Infused Blue Dream

By @trueterpenes

*To incorporate cannabis, you could use 1 gram 34% 1:1 THC: CBD Cannabis Oil by @siskiyousungrown will equate to each chapstick being approximately 7mg THC: 7mg CBD


1. In double boiler melt all ingredients except terpenes and cannabis oil. Reserve terpenes and cannabis oil to be incorporated in the final steps before pouring into chapstick tubes.

2. Once all ingredients are fully melted, incorporate cannabis oil and terpenes, mixing well.

Pour into chapstick containers using a dental syringe or a silicon chapstick holder and scrapper for easy filling.

3. Once containers are filled, allow to cool completely before removing from holder or capping.

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