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Durban Poison Old Fashioned Cannabinoid Mocktail

Makes 1 serving


•1 blood orange slice

•2 maraschino cherries

•4-5 splashes Orange Bitters

•1 teaspoon dark brown sugar

•0.5mL Daygold Calm Mind*

•2 drops Durban Poison by True Terpenes


•1/4 cup dark steeped black tea, chilled

•Poppi Orange Prebiotic Soda (you could substitute this with 1/4 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and an orange flavored sparkling water, if needed)

*Contains approximately 25mg CBD, 8mg CBG and less than 0.03% THC

1. In short tumbler 'Old Fashioned' glass, muddle blood orange slice, cherries, Orange Bitters, dark brown sugar, Daygold and True Terpenes.

2. Fill glass with ice.

3. Add black tea and top with Poppi Orange Prebiotic Soda. Stir and enjoy.

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