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Orange Cranberry Kush Belts

Yields: 32- ½ inch by 4-inch belts​

Prep Time: 30 minutes, plus 5 hours to dehydrate in 170-degree F oven


• 1 recipe Orange Cranberry Kush Sauce*

• ¼ cup sugar to coat (optional)


• Parchment paper

• 9in x 11in baking pan with sides

• Small offset spatula



1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees F, line baking pan with parchment, overhanging paper about 1 inch.


2. Prepare Orange Cranberry Kush Sauce.


3. Pour onto parchment lined or silicon lined baking pan, spread evenly to edge of pan with offset spatula.


4. Bake in low oven for 5 hours or until no longer sticky to the touch and sauce has solidified into fruit leather consistency. It will stiffen some when cooled as well. You can use a dehydrator but depending on temperature setting, it may take longer than this projection since it was done in a 170-degree F oven.


5. Allow to cool completely before cutting into belts. Cut edges of leather to straighten edges.


6. Portion into 32 – ½ inch by 4-inch belts. Cut leather into fourths, then cut each fourth into 8 half inch belts.


7. In a single layer (not touching), allow these to cure overnight. Coat them in sugar (optional, but this will help extend shelf life and help sweeten the tart cranberry flavor).


*If you dose with the suggested 1 gram 75% THC Full Extract Cannabis Oil as in Orange Cranberry Kush Sauce Recipe, each belt (if cut to suggested portion) will be approximately 20mg THC.

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