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Golden Day Lassi (dairy free)

Prep Time about 10 minutes Serves 1


•1.5 tbsp Columbus Frutti Yuzu Citrus Refresher Real Fruit Tea and Smoothie Base •1.5 tbsp Simply Squeeze Coco Real -Real Gourmet Cream of Coconut •½ cup So Deliciously Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurt Alternative •1.5 tbsp Rose Water- The Lebanese Kitchen Cortas Rose Water EAU DE ROSE •¾ cup frozen pineapple •½ cup Silk Dairy Free Heavy Whipping Cream Alternative •1.5 cups ice •Dash of cardamom •Dash of turmeric •0.5mL Calm Mind by Daygold •2 drops Orange Pineapple by True Terpenes •Whipped Topping: In mason jar add ¼ cup Silk Dairy Free Heavy Whipping Cream Alternative, 1 drop Orange Pineapple terpenes, secure lid and shake vigorously until desired thickness is reached. Directions

1. In blender, add Yuzu, Cream of Coconut and Coconut milk Yogurt, blend for about 3 minutes, occasionally pulsing, or turning off and back on. Try to blend this as smooth as possible. 2. Into blender add rose water, frozen pineapple, heavy whipping cream, cardamom, turmeric, ice and blend. 3. Add 0.5mL Calm Mind and 2 drops Orange Pineapple terpenes, blend well. 4. Pour into glass. Top with whipped topping and serve immediately. Save 10% off and with coupon code "sweetterpenes" at checkout.

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