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Levo Love 💚

Updated: May 8, 2023


I am quite familiar with the art of infusing cannabinoids into a variety of recipes; the Levo C infusion machine made it super easy and mess free!

Levo C is made for larger batches, but I found it worked wonders for a quick small batch of infused butter also (just ensure liquid is at min. line)!

I was impressed with how easy and mess free the infusion pod made the overall process, especially the end process of separating the sludge from the butter. No more cheese cloth and spoons for squeezing out every last drop!

The preset temperature and duration for activation was an accurate and no brainer way to decarboxylate flower beforequickly going into the customizable infusion process, all-in-one vessel!

I love the functionality for my small apartment kitchen and I’m excited to start infusing my never-ending list of recipes with my Levo C !!!

I would highly recommend a Levo for anyone wanting to take their infused cooking to the next level!



Heather Marie Stanley

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