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Strawberry Citrus 'Creative' Gummies

Made with True Terpenes Creative Terpology Blend

• Yields approximately 1/3 pound of gummies

• Preparation Time: 1.5 hours

Equipment Needed:

2-quart heavy bottom pot

Heat resistant rubber spatula

Oven mitts

Rubber gloves

2-4 silicon gummy molds (dependent on cavity sizes)

Baking sheet with sides, large enough to fit silicon molds

Dropper or dough cutter/offset spatula

Kitchen scale

½ cup measuring cup



1-ounce unflavored gelatin

1-ounce orange gelatin

2-ounces strawberry gelatin

.5 cup cold apple or pear juice (if you enjoy a softer gummy, increase by 1 tablespoon)

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

3 drops True Terpenes Terpology by Dr. Ethan Russo- Creative Blend


1. Place silicon molds onto baking sheet and set aside.

2. In 2-quart heavy bottom pot, “bloom” gelatin by slowly covering the liquid with the gelatin powder, allowing gelatin powder to absorb moisture as you continue slowly pouring gelatin over surface of liquid. This will take several minutes to do to avoid clumping. Once, you have added all gelatin to liquid, use rubber spatula to incorporate any dry gelatin or lumps into the mixture.

3. Place mixture on medium-low heat, cooking until gelatin is dissolved completely. Stir often. When you can no longer see particulates of gelatin in your mixture when coating back of spoon, your gelatin is fully dissolved. To reduce ‘foamy’ appearance you can add about 1/2 teaspoon olive oil, coconut oil or butter.

4. When gelatin is fully dissolved, carefully remove from heat. Stir well, add 3 drops of True Terpenes Creative Terpology Blend and incorporate into gelatin mixture well.

5. Either use a dropper to fill silicon mold cavities quickly and carefully -or- slowly pour gelatin across one length of a silicon pan; using offset spatula or dough cutter, pull gelatin into each cavity. Pour more gelatin as needed, filling all cavities until gelatin is gone.

6. Allow gelatin to sit at room temperature in a low humidity, no direct sunlight environment until set. Approximately 30 minutes until fully set. Once gelatin is fully cooled and set you can start removing your gummies to enjoy!

You can absolutely enjoy these as soon as they have set, but to increase their shelf life you can do several things:

• Cure gummies in cool room temperature, no direct sunlight environment for 24 hours before bagging/placing in airtight container.

• Combine 1 teaspoon citric acid and .5 cup granulated sugar to create a sour sugar for coating gummies before bagging or placing in airtight container.

• Store in airtight container in a cool, dry environment with no direct light.

*Shelf life is approximately 10-14 days, depending on environment and measures to ensure preservation (curing, sour sugar, storage).

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