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Watermelon Recovery Shatter Candy

Yields approximately 1.75 lbs shatter candy

Prep Time: 1.5 hours and 1+ hours to cool completely


[ ] 1.5 lbs seedless watermelon- cubed, pureed and strained through cheesecloth (yields about 2 cups juice and reduced by half to about 1 cup for sugar syrup base. Feel free to use a store-bought premade watermelon juice if you prefer, it may require a little less sugar since it will already be sweetened)

[ ] 2 cups granulated sugar

[ ] ½ cup corn syrup

[ ] 1 Dram (3.7mL) Watermelon Flavoring Concentrate (I used LorAnn Oils)

[ ] 1 drop Watermelon OG by True Terpenes

[ ] 2 drops Recovery Terpology Blend by True Terpenes

[ ] ¾ cup powdered sugar for dusting finished shatter candy to prevent sticking


[ ] 4-quart heavy bottom pot

[ ] Candy thermometer

[ ] Oven mitts

[ ] Rubber gloves

[ ] 2 large cookie sheets (10” x 15”) lined (up the sides also) with parchment


[ ] Cube, puree and strain watermelon through cheesecloth. Over medium-low heat, reduce watermelon juice by about half (to about 1 cup juice). Stir often as it reduces.

[ ] Once watermelon juice is reduced by half, incorporate granulated sugar and corn syrup.

[ ] Attach candy thermometer to pot. Bring this syrup to boil over medium heat, stirring often.

[ ] Once, boiling reduce heat to medium low and continue to boil, stirring often until thermometer reaches 300 degrees F (approximately 150 degrees C, Hard Crack Stage). This will take some time! If you don’t have a candy thermometer you can test the stage of your candy in ice water. When you (very carefully, this is extremely HOT syrup) drizzle your candy syrup into a glass of ice water, it is ready if it turns to hard candy consistency. If it still has a little softness to it, cook longer, being mindful that once about 250 degrees F (hard ball stage) is reached, the sugar syrup will start to rise in temperature much faster and should be watched more carefully in this stage. It may be helpful to look up a guide such as, for candy temperature stages, if you are not familiar already. Candy thermometers should also have the stages along with degrees in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

[ ] Once your sugar syrup has reached 300 degree F, carefully remove pot onto a heat resistant surface. This is SUPER hot so I cannot stress enough to be careful! Always wear shoes and pants (no sandals and shorts!) while working with hot sugar.

[ ] Allow sugar syrup to cool to about 200 degrees F before very carefully incorporating Watermelon Flavoring and True Terpenes into mixture. Stir well until these are fully incorporated.

[ ] Immediately and carefully pour hot sugar syrup into parchment lined sheet pans, moving as you pour to allow candy to become as thin as possible and cover the entirety on the sheet pan to evenly to best ability.

[ ] Allow to cool completely. Once completely cooled, shatter the candy with gloved hands or by hitting the sheet pan onto a hard surface several times. If the candy is too thick, you may need to lay a piece of parchment paper and kitchen towel over the candy and hit with a hammer to help shatter it. The “shattering” process can be messy, FYI.

[ ] Once candy is shattered to you preferred size, toss and coat pieces in powdered sugar to prevent sticking.

*This has a long shelf life if stored in an airtight container kept in a cool, dry, no direct sunlight or heating source environment. Do not store in fridge as it will cause the candy to condensate and stick.

Dosing guide for incorporating @siskiyousungrown oils into step 6 of my Watermelon OG Recovery Shatter Candy (find the recipe a few posts back!) featuring @trueterpenes

◇Using 70% THC oil:◇

•1 gram 70% THC oil = approximately 44mg THC per serving (5 grams of shatter candy)


•Use 1/2 gram oil for 21mg THC per serving (5 grams of shatter candy


•Use 1/4 gram for approximately 10mg THC per serving (5 grams of shatter candy)

•Each gram of shatter candy contains 1/5 the amount of mg as 5 grams of shatter candy, so to dose lower or higher, simply divide the amount of mg per serving by 5 to calculate the cannabinoid mg per gram of shatter candy.

•For example using 1 gram of 70% THC oil to the entire recipe would equal approximately 8.8mg THC per gram of shatter candy

•This means if you eat 1 gram of shatter candy your dose is approximately 8.8mg THC


if you eat 3 grams shatter candy, your dose is approximately 26mg THC. If you eat 7 grams shatter candy your dose is approximately 61mg THC.

•This is a simple way to achieve an accurate, desired dose and requires just basic math & a scale to individualize the dose for anyone- from beginning edible user to experienced.

•The calculations for desired dosing are same for CBD or 1:1 ratio oils.

•1 gram 65% CBD oil = approximately 8.1mg CBD per gram of shatter candy or approximately 40.5mg CBD per serving (5 grams of shatter candy)

•1 gram 34% 1:1 ratio THC:CBD oil = approximately 4.2mg THC & 4.2mg CBD per gram of shatter candy or approximately 21mg THC & 21mg CBD per serving (5 grams shatter candy).

•Another way to help achieve your desired effect is by incorporating your prefered cannabis terpene profiles from @trueterpenes or check out their Terpology Blends by Dr. Ethan Russo, designed to achieve specific effects, such as the Recovery Terpology Blend used in my Watermelon Recovery Shatter Candy. #sweetterpenes #recipes #cannabis #terpenes #shatter #candy #dosing #guide #oil #trueterpenes #siskyousungrown #diy #ricksimpsonoil #feco #edibles #makeyourown

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