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Fresh Strawberry 'Energy' Simple Syrup with suggested cannabis incorporation

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Yields approximately 1 cup

Prep time:30-45 minutes


·        2 cups fresh, hulled & quartered strawberries

·        1.5 cups sugar

·        ½ cup water

·        3 Drops Energy Terpology Blend from True Terpenes

·        ¼ teaspoon olive oil (optional) to help reduce any foam

*suggested cannabis incorporation in step 4


·        Blender or food processor to puree strawberries

·        Fine mesh strainer

·        2-quart heavy bottom pot

·        Oven mitts

·        Heat resistant rubber spatula

·        Candy thermometer

·        Glass storage container with lid (mason jar or other glass bottle)


1.      Puree and strain 2 cups of fresh, hulled quartered strawberries through fine mesh to remove seeds.

2.      Bring deseeded strawberry puree, sugar, and water to boil over medium low heat. Stirring gently from time to time.

3.      Reduce to low and continue to boil for about 10 minutes, until sugars are dissolved; syrup reaching approximately 175 degrees F.

4.      Carefully remove from heat and allow to cool to 100 degrees F. Gently stir in, incorporating well, 3 drops Energy Terpology Blend + ¼ teaspoon olive oil to help reduce foam. *This step is where you should also incorporate your cannabis oils such as Siskiyou Sungrown 34% 1:1 THC:CBD cannabis oil. If you use 1 gram, each tablespoon will equate to approximately 28mg THC: 28mg CBD PER TABLESPOON.

5.      Store at room temperature in sealed mason jar or other similar container for about 14 days or store in fridge for extend shelf life. Stir well before using. Perfect for incorporating into mocktails/beverages and/or sauces/frostings, etc. Keep an eye out for my infused Pink Peach Palmer recipe made with this strawberry energy simple syrup!

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