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How to Calculate Edible Dosing in Tablespoons of Infusions

Dosing Disclaimer: The only way to know the dose of your cannabis edibles is through testing. All dosing values noted on recipes are approximate mathematical estimations based on the cannabis flower’s shown tested cannabinoid (THC; CBD; etc.) content and the amount of that cannabis used for the base infusions. This does not consider the accuracy of decarboxylation or infusion methods; the type of solvent (alcohol, fat, oil, etc.) being used; the cooking temperatures and times that may affect cannabinoid content in edibles; or the type of product it is consumed in (this is to do with metabolization, among other things). The dosing noted in the recipes on are solely for educational and guidance purposes in the importance of knowing how to determine edible doses. It does not reflect any lab or device testing. Nor does it reflect the dose of one’s edibles who uses the recipe. Through the mathematical equation, one can estimate the approximate dose, but it is important to remember that the only accurate way to know the dose of edibles is through testing. Although even testing can be inaccurate if the cannabinoids are not evenly dispersed throughout the product. How to calculate dosing example and guide:

  1. Convert % to mg by moving the decimal point one place to the right or multiply the percent by 10: 17.0%= 170mg THC per gram of cannabis; 10x17=170

  2. Now multiple the number of grams you will use by the total mg THC per gram. 3.5g x 170mg= 595mg THC total being used for infusion

  3. Convert cups of heavy cream (or other infusion) to tablespoons, there are 16 tablespoons in 1 cup, so 2 cups are equal to 32 tablespoons.

  4. Now, take the total of 595mg THC and divide it by 32 tablespoons, which equals approximately 18.59mg THC per tablespoon of infused heavy cream.

Calculation Worksheet: 1._________________% x 10 = ________mg THC per gram of cannabis THC (or cannabinoid) % 2. _______________grams of cannabis x _________mg THC per gram = ______ Amount infusing with a a = the total amount of THC used in infusion 3. Now measure the number of cups your infusion equals. For every 1 cup there are 16 tablespoons. _________cups of infusion x 16 tablespoons = _________tablespoons of infusion 4. Now take total mg THC for entire infusion and divide by the number of tablespoons of infusion ______mg THC total in infusion / _____total tablespoons of infusion = _______total mg THC per tablespoon a From here it can be broken down into teaspoons as well. There are 3 teaspoons in every tablespoon. With the estimated amount of mg THC per teaspoon, tablespoon or cup, one can easily figure out how much is in a recipe per the amount of butter (or other base infusion used) used in recipe and per serving by diving the total amount of mg THC in said recipe by the number of servings in the recipe.

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