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Limonene Aroma vs Sativa Terminology

Limonene is a monoterpene and precursor to all other terpenoids. It typically is more stimulating, uplifting & energizing. The common industry term SATIVA is used to describe a STIMULATING affect. Most cultivars nowadays are hybridized (hybrid), so relying on terminologies like SATIVA or indica or even hybrid is becoming less valuable in one's search for prefered effects from cannabis.

One way to help determine how a cannabis cultivar may affect an individual is through its aroma profile. If you prefer the stimulative, uplifting effects associated with sativa, opt for cannabis that smells more of lemony and citrusy notes from limonene, over earthy notes. Earthy notes are typically associated with higher myrcene, which is known for having a sedative effect.

Seeking cannabis through aroma perception is a much more individualized and fool proof way to determine potential affects since we are generally already familiar with aromas we prefer or don't prefer which can provide insight into if you will enjoy of a specific cannabis cultivar.

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