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Rest and Recovery Terpene Rich Bath Salts

Yields: 1 cup

Prep Time: 1 hour 10 minutes


• 1 cup unscented Epsom salt

• 3 full droppers of Recovery Terpology Blend from True Terpenes

• 2 full droppers of Rest Terpology Blend from True Terpenes

• Violet (or desired color) food grade dye (optional) to tint

•1g 34% 1:1 ratio THC:CBD cannabis oil*

•1 tbsp high proof alcohol such as Everclear (to thin cannabis oil and allow easy incorporation into salt)

*This will equate to approximately 20mg THC: 20mg CBD per tablespoon of bath salts.


• 1 sandwich size Ziplock bag

• 1 mason jar or storage container for about 1 cup of terpene rich bath salt

•small glass jar for mixing alcohol and cannabis oil


1. In small jar, thoroughly combine cannabis oil with alcohol.

2. In Ziplock bag add Epsom salt, cannabis oil infused alcohol, and food dye to desired tint. Seal bag and mix until fully incorporated.

3. Pour onto sheet pan and at room temperature, with fan blowing on salt, allow alcohol to evaporate for at least 1 hour.

4. After evaporating alcohol, place salt back in ziplock to incorporate terpenes for most pungent aroma. Store in cool area and keep dry until use.

4. Use a couple tablespoons, or desired amount of salts to infuse your bath with the benefits of Epsom Salt, cannabis and the aromatherapy of Rest and Recovery Terpology Blends formulated by Dr. Ethan Russo.

**Remember to thoroughly rinse your self and bath after using bath salts.

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