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Cranberry Kushmosa Mocktail

Yields one 8oz serving per recipe


•Garnish- 1 Cranberry Kush Belts & 1 thinly sliced nectarine

•1 tbsp Cranberry Kush Simple Syrup featuring True Terpenes (this recipe is byproduct of the Candied Kush Cranberries using the Orange Cranberry Kush Sauce as the base infusion)

•4 oz Simply orange juice

•4 oz Welch's Sparkling Rose (non-alcoholic)

  1. In shaker, vigorously shake orange juice and cranberry kush simple syrup until some frothing occurs.

  2. Pour into service glass, immediately followed by Sparkling Rose and garnish. Enjoy!

*when dosing suggestion for infused recipes are followed, each Cranberry Kush Belt is approximately 20mg THC and there is approximately 7.5mg THC per tablespoon in Cranberry Kush Simple Syrup. For one 8oz Cranberry Kushmosa Mocktail that equates to approximately 27.5mg THC per serving between syrup and garnish.

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